Here are some of the questions most frequently asked…

When can I start my driving lessons?
My aim is always to get you driving as soon as is convenient for you, and usually within a week of your call.

Do you offer guaranteed pass driving courses?
The driving test is based on a series of skills challenges set by national standards which are taught by your instructor. Whether you pass or not is determined by your own motivation and is therefore something that cannot be guaranteed it’s really down to you.

How old do I have to be to start driving lessons?
You can start driving lessons on the day of your 17th birthday. However, you may start driving lessons at age 16 if you receive the higher level disability allowance.

Do I have to wait until I am 17 to apply for my licence?
No, you can apply for a licence prior to this. This can be an advantage as it means you can arrange to commence lessons on the day you reach your 17th birthday. However, do bear in mind your licence will not be valid until that day.

I’ve already done some driving – how can Giraffe driving school help me?
I offer a one hour session in order to assess your existing skills and discuss what I can do to help you. From that I can tailor a package to suit your requirements.

Do you offer intensive driving courses?
I can offer intensive courses and semi intensive courses. These are not suitable for everyone but I am happy to discuss your requirements and make recommendations.

Do you have an automatic car for taking driving lessons available?
I currently offer courses for manual cars. Learning in a manual car does entitle you to drive an automatic car, whereas learning in an automatic car restricts the vehicles you can drive once you pass.

Do I have to have passed my theory test before I start lessons?
It is not necessary to have passed your theory test before you start practical driving lessons. There is no reason you cannot study towards your theory test before commencing lessons, however, you may find it makes more sense once you can relate it to your driving.

What do I need to bring on my first lesson?
I will need to see the plastic ID photocard provisional licence. Also, if you need glasses or contact lenses you MUST have these in order to read a number plate at 20 metres. This is a national legal requirement and therefore they need to be worn during lessons and your practical driving test.

How many lessons will I need?
We all learn at different paces. Ultimately it will depend on your progress and how soon you can build up your confidence. I will discuss this with you on a regular basis so that when the time is right you can take your test and hopefully pass first time.

How long are the lessons?
Many driving schools offer lessons lasting one hour, which I understand and can do if necessary. However, I find this is sometimes rushed and does not allow for new skills to be practised adequately before the lesson is over. For the first two lessons a 2 hour session allows us to get to know one another and deal with the necessary paperwork while still giving you time behind the wheel. Afterwards 1½ hours is a more useful lesson length. Again this is something we can discuss when you contact me.

Can I be picked up from work / college / uni?
Whenever I can I will try to accommodate pick ups and drop offs convenient for you, however this may not ALWAYS be possible.

I have a driving licence from a different country – Do I need to take a UK test?
If you hold an EEC (EU) country driving licence, this can be exchanged for a UK driving licence without the necessity of taking a test. However, a licence from any other country will allow you to drive in the UK for a maximum of one year only from the day you start residency here.

I’m colour blind – does that matter?
Colour blindness does not preclude you from holding a UK driving licence. However, it is necessary to make your driving instructor and test examiner aware of this so that different terms can be used, i.e. instead of saying ‘Please park behind the green car’ the colour could be substituted for, say, the make and model. This is something you can discuss with me so that we can find out what works for you.

How do you help me with my theory test?
I have a link on my website to the theory test. Any questions you have regarding the test we can discuss during lessons.

Who books my driving test?
You can book your practical test online yourself, or you can ask me to book it for you. Bear in mind if you are booking it yourself, make sure you are aware of any dates your instructor and their car are NOT available to you (i.e. other booked tests etc). There is a link to booking your test on my website.

How long is the waiting list for driving tests?
This varies as it depends on location, time of year and general demand. It can range from a few days to a few months. Once you have your test booked you can always look for cancellations in order to move it forward.

Will my instructor sit in the car on my test?
I am able to sit in the car during your test if you request it, but purely as an observer. I cannot offer any assistance and I have no influence on the decision of the examiner.

My question isn’t here – now what?
Please feel free to GET IN TOUCH to discuss any queries you may have. If you have questions regarding the New Drivers Act, extended tests or what happens if you have a revoked driving licence we can talk about the way forward.